• This guy is amazing no matter what side of the camera he is on! Like me, he spent a lot of time in front of a camera before picking one up himself. Unlike me he was actually really successful at it. I think Robert brings a different perspective into the shoot having worked with the best of the best for years as a model. A sense of knowing what the top photographers in the world are producing and being able to strive to that level is something that has helped me over the years. I know Robert brings this to his work as well. Way back when Robert and I had the same modeling agent and he was the guy everyone looked up to, so to have him on this team with me years later really is something special.

    Peter Hurley Mentor, friend and renowned, top Headshot Photographer, NYC.
  • Love to Do Another Shoot. Robert…I have just signed with Platform PR to handle my publicity, so will put you in touch…I’m in Entertainment Weekly this week for the new Twilight Movie! They also invited me to Comic-Con. Thanks again for a great shoot. Should I ever be in the position with a magazine...

    Judi Shekoni - Twilight Saga-Breaking Dawn
  • Not only has Robert become a great friend, he is an amazing photographer! We first met as actors in a production of Shakespeare’s King Lear. I needed some headshots, and Robert said he could take some of me. Well…the shots that he took were incredible! I wanted very specific character...

    Tim Murphy - Shameless, Criminal Minds, Sons of Anarchy, National Treasure, Appaloosa, The Lone Ranger