There are many reasons. First, let me say that I have been hand picked by Peter Hurley (who mainly resides in NYC) as his Headshot Crew Associate Photographer here in Los Angeles. I have known Peter for years, and he has become the most successful and elite headshot photographer in the world. I am so honored and ecstatic that we have formed an alliance and referral system through his Headshot Crew Photographer Program.

I am unique to the headshot photo business as I can empathize with you as an actor, because I have much experience both in front of and behind the camera. I too am a working actor in film, TV and commercials and used to be a top model (in my younger and more leaner days!) in NYC, Paris, London and worldwide. My modeling campaigns and TV, Film and Commericals have included Ralph Lauren Polo, Burberry, Armani, Diet Coke, Gillette, CSI Miami, CSI NY, Californication, Nancy Drew,  90201, Chasing Life, Drop Dead Diva, Hot in Cleveland, and many more. During this time, I have worked with the best photographers in the world, including Bruce Weber, Steven Meisel, Victor Skebneski, Patrick Demarchelier, Matthew Rolston. I learned so much from them not only about light and composition, but also about direction. And that is what I want to give you. We as actors love the moving picture, but tend to freeze up the moment a still camera is put in our face. But this is my job…to make the still camera less daunting and real.

I am invested throughout the whole process. I will take your photos, edit the images with you as we are shooting, upload them for your agents and managers for viewing, and do some retouching of the images. I am all in and want you to succeed and get into those Casting Offices. As we all know, Casting Directors are the first line of defense on our journey and the Headshot is the so important to get us in the door.


It is not necessary, but if you so desire, I can talk with you by phone, email or in person about all of the ins and outs of my headshot sessions and how to prepare for it.  It's free and no obligation to book a session with me.


You should expect to get some incredible, “active, not passive” photos that you have not had before. I believe in capturing your essence by capturing a person who is "Confident and Approachable".  This is my mantra and this is the sweet spot of where we will go. I guarantee I will get the shots you want. Bring your cell phone with your music selections as I want you to be comfortable and music is all so important in putting us in the perfect state of mind.  Otherwise, we have Pandora. 


I don't base my Headshot Sessions on "looks" but rather time.  I have a 1 hour session, which we usually end up shooting 1-3 "looks". My 2 hour session, we get around 4-6 "looks". A "look" means a change in wardrobe, hair style, shaving for men and background changes. My philosophy is I want you to get a variety of shots, including commercial and theatrical.  I don't want us to be limited by a number of "looks". 


I have a 1 hour session and a 2 hour session.  This is shooting time, which does not include the usual 1 hour prep time for hair and make up for women as well as our introduction and preparing and talking about the shoot.  I usually shoot about 300-600 images depending on the session time, but don’t worry!  I won't let you leave my studio with all of these.  I don't want you to be overwhelmed with having to edit all of these photos. “Less is More” if done right. Believe me. Don’t get caught up in the idea that you need a 1000 shots to get your moneys worth on a headshot session. It’s about quality, not quantity.

I do feel that I have a great eye for what agents, managers, casting directors are looking for. So I am a big “deleter” of shots that will not work. Subsequently, you will end up with anywhere from 100-250 images to take away. And…I will give you my top few picks that stand out. Believe me…you will appreciate this. As an actor myself, I always dreaded the editing process of looking at my photos. We will make this easy and get rid of all of the images that don’t work. You will know exactly what you will be working with when you walk out of my studio, because we have approved each shot together. 

I use a Canon 5D Mark iii Camera and capture the images in extremely high-resolution RAW files. I also use a “tethering” system, which connects the camera to a 27” iMac screen so that we can instantly view the images on a monitor during the session. This lets me show you the images while we are shooting, and we will then collaborate on the way we want to go with each outfit, hair, background, etc. I find that this technique gives you the confidence and freedom to have fun and to be more spontaneous…shots that will capture your true essence and personality. I call it…”Approachable Confidence”.

I use a variation of lighting possibilities. I generally use a kino flo system to surround your face with impeccable lighting. These are lights that most of TV and Film use. I can also mix in some strobes and do some dramatic lighting. I also love shooting with natural light, because of its nature and it provides variation to the shoot.


You can bring 1 "look" or oufit or 10.  Whatever you think you want to accomplish.  We can mix and match. Bring what you feel comfortable wearing. If you think the item would look good for a characters, but you hate it, please don’t bring it. I tend to like different types of tops, which vary from tanks to sleeves. For women, please bring a variety from spaghetti straps, to tanks, to crew necks to sleeveless, etc. Plus, I have found that dresses work extremely well. So bring your favorite dresses, whether it is that great summer dress or something formal. We can rock it! I want all different colors from blue to green to yellow to red, etc. And please bring me a variety of some blacks and some whites…this is very important and a must! Stay away from bold checks and strips, unless it is a “character-type” or comedic thing. It is also great to bring some jackets, whether they are casual or business coats or suits and ties. Layers work too. Sweaters and cardigans are great as well as jean jackets and hoodies.


For Women, I strongly suggest a Make-up Artist (MUA).  Your makeup will be applied when you arrive at my studio. This takes about 1 hour, including minor hair fixes.  Makeup will be very natural to start the session. No glam here. However, as the session progresses, we will go a bit darker or more "smokey" eyes, but never overboard.  Women should come "hair ready" as if you were going to an audition. We will do minor changes to your hair, whether it is leaving it down or some variation of putting it up or in a ponytail. If you want curls or straightening, please bring your curling iron or straightener.  The fee for MUA is $175 for Women.  However, if you have someone you would like to use, we can talk about that as an option.

For Men, I don't feel like it is necessary to wear makeup for your session, unless you have problem skin or want grooming assistance.  MUA fee for Men is $100.  If appropriate, Men should come with some "scruff", and then shave at some point in the session. Please bring shaving cream and razor.


By the end of the day of your headshot session, I will have sent your images to Argentum Photo Lab here in Los Angeles (North Hollywood).  Online proofs will be available within 24-48 hours through Argentum Photo Lab. They will send you a "session code" whereby you can view all of your images online.  You can email them to friends, family, managers and agents. Prints can also be ordered through Argentum. 


I retouch up to 2 images for free, which includes color correcting, cropping, cleaning up of blemishes, etc.  Please note that I am a very light retoucher as I want you to look like you on your best day.  The biggest complaint from Casting Directors is that the actor has too much makeup on or that there headshot is so over retouched that it doesn't even look like them.  It is a waste of your time as well as the Casting Director.  If you need additional images retouched, then I charge $20/image thereafter. 


1 hour headshot session is $450.  

2 hour headshot session is $650.

Each Headshot Session includes phone or email consultation prior to the session, the actual photo session, editing as we shoot and getting the images online for your viewing, water, music and some good conversation and collaboration. The consultation will answer all of your questions including wardrobe suggestions, hair and make-up issues and direction, and anything else you may require.


A 50% Deposit is required to confirm your shoot date. Cash, Check or Paypal are accepted for the deposit and is payable to Fevered Pitch Productions, Inc.  The remaining balance is due the day of your shoot, and in addition to the payment sources above, I accept Mastercard, Visa or Amex if card is "swiped" in person. 


Discounts Offered to Returning Clients.


If you cancel your headshot session within 48 hours of the shoot date, you will receive a full refund of your deposit. Otherwise, we will have to find a mutual time and date to reschedule your session.  Being an actor myself, I totally understand that last minute auditions and meetings will arise, and I will work with you in these types of circumstances to the best of my ability and schedule. Thanks!